Farmington High School Class of 1982
35th Year Reunion

November 25, 2017  7-11 PM
Garmany Hall, Winding Trails, Farmington CT

Few events offer the opportunity to go back in time and laugh, like a teenager . . . it's been 35 years since we roamed the halls of FHS. Wow! We're looking forward to gathering, together, to reminisce and reconnect!

Please join the FHS Class of '82 for a night of laughter, friendship, and nostalgia. Bring your appetite and your '80s song requests, because we'll share a nice bar and dinner, catered by Emily's, and live music, thanks to the PJ Project. Can't wait to see YOU and yours at Winding Trails, in November!!


The FHS 35th Year Reunion Committee
- Tamara Klatsky Epstein, Maureen Jenks, Roberta Rogers, Stephen Meyer, Kevin Hulse, Bill Gay

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35th Reunion Ticket$ 62.00
When:11/25/2017 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Where:Garmany Hall, Winding Trails, Farmington, CT
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Linda Anderson
Margaret Fischer (Byrne)
Desiree DeChesser (Cika)
Rex Cooley
Jill Plocharczyk (Craft)
Chris Daugherty
Joe Dechene
Maggie Inrig (Dechene)
Dante Demay
Adam Demeusy
Lisa Scelza (Dimock)
Robert Dimock
Donna Dombrowski
Jorge Duran
Craig D’Alessandro
Jack Eaton
Robert Epstein
Tamara Klatsky (Epstein)
Jacqueline Ford (Ford)
Chris Foryan
Bill Francini
Mary Silansky (Francini)
Tom Guinan
Denise DeChesser (Hilger)
Kevin Hulse
Lynnelle Rich (Hulse)
Maureen Jenks
Jay Johnson
Martha Poetzsch (Kleszcz)
Paul Krupinski
Wendy Herman (Krupinski)
Melody Pompa (Landry)
Robert Lang
Rusty Larsen
Leland LeBlanc
Laurie Kupchik (Lindsey)
Mike Lindsey
Deborah Brooks (Marzi)
Erin McLaughlin
Sherry McLaughlin
Chelsea N/A (Melna)
Stephen Meyer
Janet Nelson
Stephen Patti
Lori Perbeck
Victoria Price (Price-Lang)
Roberta Rogers
Allison Rose
Dan Rose
Terence Shea
Dave Slimskey
Karen Borawski (Spring)
Judi Diamond (Swain)
Bea Machnicki (Swanson)
Tim Swanson
Nancy White
Seth Yabrosky
Total 57